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All things Data: Launch of the New Data Pathway

Blog. Digital Telecare. 25.04.2024

It's here… We are excited to announce our new Data pathway has been launched.  

Data can have many benefits for a service. We use it every day, sometimes without even knowing it. In every aspect of a service, there exists a data component: from customer questions and information about staff, to office assets, task procedures, and workload management; it all encompasses data. The biggest challenge with data is how we collect, process and use it.  

In the public sector across Scotland data is collected and stored across several systems and by collecting, handling and processing it the correct way, we can help contribute to the wider picture across the health and social care sector. For example, by combining insights captured from various systems, we can ensure that a better care service is provided to service users. 

Other ways data can help: 

  • Improving decision making within services – the faster decisions can be made the quicker changes can be implemented potentially improving the service area for customers and staff.  

  • Mitigating any risks the service may face – risks are high especially in Health and Social Care, having data that helps mitigate risks will improve the customer and staff experience. 

  • Increasing efficiencies so services can improve – efficiencies are not always seen as positive however with the right data they can be. Efficiencies allow time to be freed up, this will in turn allow people to spend more time on other priorities. 

  • Enhancing customer experience – this is key to services, without the customers there would be no need for the service.  

To achieve the aspirations set out in the Health and Social Care Data strategy, we must ensure that data is being captured and used effectively to plan the delivery of services and strive to continually improve the quality and granularity of the data we collect. In doing so, we can adapt our planning accordingly. 

The new Data Pathway has been designed with this in mind; it is a place where all things data will be available, not only to help you use data in the best way possible but help maximise the potential data can bring to your organisation.  

The aim of the pathway is to provide information, guidance and templates that will help organisations unlock the power of their data, whilst ensuring it aligns with the Health and Social Care Data Strategy ambitions: 

  • To empower the people of Scotland  

  • To empower those delivering health and social care services  

  • To ensure fit for purpose data is readily accessible

 As noted in the Health and Social Care Data Strategy, considerable work is already under way across health and social care to improve the way we gather, store, and open access to data. The new Data Pathway is a resource to help with this. 

 The Pathway will also host information on various projects, including Phase Two of the Data Programme - Implementing the Telecare Information Framework and the Telecare Benefits Realisation work.  

 Aligned with the structure of other pathways in the Digital Telecare Playbook, this pathway progresses through three phases: Discover, Plan, and Do. It then breaks down into six steps: 

  • Creating & Collecting 

  • Processing 

  • Analysing 

  • Publishing & Sharing 

  • Outputs – Archiving & Sharing 

  • Discovering & Reusing 

Shaped by continued collaboration with the telecare sector, the Data Pathway will continue to evolve. Additional documents will be incorporated over time. Should there be any specific elements you wish to see included in the pathway or if you're interested in collaborating on a particular data project, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

We aim for this to serve as an exceptional resource, a comprehensive hub for all data-related needs of telecare providers and housing associations throughout Scotland.

Check out our new Data Pathway now!