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Telecare Information Framework: Importance of using data to improve service delivery

Insights. Digital Telecare. 20.06.2024

In July 2023, the Telecare Information Framework (TIF) was launched in collaboration with the Scottish Government’s Digital Health and Care Division. This framework is comprised of a core set of defined fields to capture information, allowing Telecare Service Providers to illustrate the use and impact of telecare service provision in Scotland.

The TIF is essential for ensuring that telecare services are delivered effectively, efficiently and safely, with a focus on continuous improvement. It enables better communication, coordination, and decision-making, ultimately enhancing the quality of care provided to service users.

Why is the TIF important?

With the deadline for the analogue to digital switchover fast approaching, there is an opportunity for Telecare Service Providers to review their existing delivery models to better capture, store and analyse the data held on service users.

By defining a core set of data fields, the TIF ensures that comprehensive and relevant information is collected for each service user; helping to aid in accurate assessments and monitoring. In addition, standardised data collection enables Telecare Service Providers to efficiently identify potential issues, allowing for early intervention and adjustment to care plans to better support service users and manage resources.

With over 140,000 citizens who rely on telecare in Scotland, the TIF creates a common language for providers and service users alike. This means that different service providers can easily share information and coordinate their efforts, leading to more efficient and effective care across the nation. 

Using the TIF to Improve Service Delivery

Harnessing the TIF to enhance service delivery is pivotal for the future of telecare in Scotland, enabling data-driven decision making, scalability, and fostering innovation across the sector.

  • Data driven Decision Making: The TIF provides a solid data foundation whereby service providers can analyse outcomes and best practices to support evidence-based decision making for telecare service delivery. By using this framework to gather comprehensive and reliable data, service providers can make informed decisions about their resource allocation, ensuring that areas of the service in demand are staffed correctly.
  • Scalability: The TIF provides a standardised data set which supports the scalability of telecare services across Scotland. As more Telecare Service Providers adopt the use of the TIF within their organisations, it will be easier to learn from successful models and replicate them across the nation.
  • Innovation: The comprehensive data captured through the TIF means that Telecare Service Providers can move from reactive to proactive and preventative telecare delivery models. By gathering reliable data, Telecare Service Providers can drive the development of new telecare technologies that can reduce the burden on services and empower service users to take an active role in their own care.

Next Steps from the Digital Telecare Programme

The aim for TIF is to be a living document that is continuously updated to meet the needs of Telecare Service Providers across Scotland. As part of this continuous improvement, the Digital Telecare Programme is working in collaboration with DHAC to review the core data sets to make the framework more agile.

The TIF is currently being integrated into the national Shared ARC Platform. Those adopters that are live on the platform are entering data using some of the TIF standard fields. This integration work is ongoing and future developments for using the data for standardised reporting are being considered currently, but the first steps of integrating the TIF dataset within Telecare Service Providers are well underway. Alongside this integration, the Digital Telecare Programme will be producing case studies that showcase the benefits of adopting the TIF, stay tuned for more information!